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My business is something that paypal will never allow me to run business properly . So i always have to look for alternative solutions and i bought many times a few verified paypal and stripe accounts from . Love your service .


Buying 10 Verified Paypal accounts every week from them because I do run multiple Ecommerce store and most of them fit perfect for my business . Admin is a great guy and a become a good friend of me. I have been offered great discounts from on bulk orders.

Outstanding experience always. I m reseller and using their service since 2 month’s.The quality and the price is like u cant get anywhere the same thing. Have purchased like thousands of UK PayPal VCC from them for UK ebay.
Keep the good work man


I was confused first whether to try their service or not ? So what i did ? I left a message on whatsapp and after few minutes i got a quick response from his team . So they assured me buyer protection by paypal . I paid via paypal and received my accounts details immediately to my email address . I want to point out very few sellers in this marketplace accept paypal as payment method .
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